"Combining these features with the thousands of different WordPress plugins, your dating site will be more unique than any other dating site on the Internet. "

Advanced Search –

Extend your default search by searching based on all your profile drop down questions. All new profile questions are dynamically added to the Advanced Search area.

Saved Search –

Anytime you create a search, you can save it as a name and come back to it for quicker searches of previous saved searches.

Saved Search –

Anytime you create a search, you can save it as a name and come back to it for quicker searches of previous saved searches.

Advanced Search –

Extend your default search by searching based on all your profile drop down questions. All new profile questions are dynamically added to the Advanced Search area.

Saved Search –

Anytime you create a search, you can save it as a name and come back to it for quicker searches of previous saved searches.

Search –

Users can search for other members of your dating site. Search by distance, zip codes (US, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark), cities and countries.

Custom Colors –

In the new version 4.8 we have now added custom color Buttons, Titles, Pagination, Tabs and Non-Active Tabs. Now more than ever the dating plugin can match the colors of the WordPress theme you use.

User Stories –

Another new feature in version 4.8 is the Stories feature. This is now in the admin area where you can post success stories from your members along with photos. Check out the demo to see it in action.

Force Photo Option –

Now you can force your members to upload a photo. Forcing members to upload a photo with their profile is key. You want profiles and you want photos with the profiles. You can turn this feature on or off if you wish.

Permalinks –

All areas of the dating plugin user side have seo friendly URL’s. This means that all areas of the dating site can be indexed by Google as well as being easily found.

Dating Templates –

7 new dating templates have been added to version 4.8. You can use any one of these templates with your WordPress Theme. Check out the 7 new templates by visiting the WordPress Dating Demo.

Near Me –

This is a new feature we put into version 4.8. It uses Google Geotargeting and the users IP Address. It will show users profiles of members that are near them geographically.

Credits –

Users can now purchase Credits to send emails. You set the price and the amount of emails they can send per credit.

Sidebar Browse –

With the DS Browse Sidebar Widget, you can let your members click on Gender Groups and Age Groups that you define via the Widget Admin area.

Custom Pagination –

Now you can match the pagination results with the color of your site. Simply change the color code to the color you want.

Affiliate Program –

The WordPress Dating Plugin now contains an Affiliate Program that Affiliates can promote your dating site.

Delete Comments–

Users have the ability to delete comments that they have previously approved.

Delete Gifts –

Users have the ability to delete virtual gifts that they have previously approved. When a virtual gift is created the user is notified of the virtual gift.

Virtual Gifts –

Your users now can send other members Virtual Gifts. Once a Virtual Gift has been sent then the receiving member can approve it or reject it.

Meet Me–

This is a PlentyOfFish.com type of feature. Users can click on profile photos and answer Yes or No as to if they want to meet that user.

User Notifications –

Now your users can get instant on screen notifications when their friends view their profile, send emails, change their photo

Date Tracker –

Your users can track the dates they’ve been on with other members. By viewing a profile simply click on the icon called Date Tracker and that profile will be added to the Date Tracker.

Trending –

Now you can see what profiles have the most Friends, Winks, Flirts, Favorites and Emails. This shows you who is getting the most attention. You can filter it by gender as well.

Global Zip Codes –

The dating plugin now includes US Zip Codes, UK Zip Codes, Australian Zip Codes, Canadian Zip Codes, Danish Zip Codes, Dutch Zip Codes, French Zip Codes and German Zip Codes.

Member Blocking –

Members can block other members from emailing them. This is a great tool for your members in the event that they don’t want to receive an email from that member.

Status Update –

Users can now add their Status Update to their profile. Once approved it will be displayed on their profile for others to see.

Profile Commenting –

Users can now comment on user profiles. Comments go to admin for approval and once approved they go to the user for approval.

Interest Cloud –

Your users can click on the Interest Cloud to find an Interest and see what profiles contain those Interests. You can also filter the Interest Cloud by gender.

Chat Widget –

Your users can now chat via the AJAX Chat module that is located in the sidebar and can be put on the right or left sidebar area.

Skype Chat Integration –

Your users can now Skype back and forth with each other via their profile view. Users can set it to be shown to everyone or just those in their Friends list.

Media Streaming –

Your members can upload Photos, Galleries, Audio Files and Video Files. Audio and Video files are streamed from the users profile page.

My Friends –

Your users can add other users as Friends. Any Friend that is added will automatically become available in the “To” field when composing a new email.

Mobile Dating Browser –

Capture all the mobile users that come to your site. The new mobile dating software allows all iPhone and Android mobile phones to view your dating site

Viewed Me/I Viewed –

Now your users don’t have to worry about finding those profiles they have viewed. Simply click on “I Viewed” to get a list of all the profiles you have looked at. You can also see who’s viewing your profile. This is great to see who’s been checking you out.

Matching Tools –

Based on the Profile Questions, your users can get a list of profiles that match what they might be looking for. By default the Matches will show the opposite sex of their profile setup.

Simple Registration –

User simply have to enter a username and their email address and a password is automatically sent to them. This assures that email addresses are correct.

Rate my Profile –

Now users can rate other profiles. When you view a profile you can rate it on a number from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best. Profile Rate Results are also displayed.

Alerts –

All members will get alerts when they login. Alerts are made up of new Friends, Emails, Winks and more.

Who’s Online –

This will show all the users that are currently logged into the system. You can filter it by gender and age.

Grouped Emails –

Now users don’t have to scroll down to find the email from a user. All emails are now grouped by user. Simply click on the user to see all the emails that have been sent/received

User Privacy –

Your users can now set their own Privacy Options to allow for Everyone or Friends Only. These are set for viewing profiles, photos, galleries, audio and video.

Virtual Gifts –

Now you can make it exciting for your members to send other members virtual gifts by sending graphic presents to them that appear on their profile. Virtual gifts can be made to appear or hide on the members profile page.

Easy Upgrade –

Your users can now have the ability to have Easy Upgrade where they select the Premium Membership that they want and then are taking to Paypal and Authorize.net to pay with. PayPal Pro as well as PayPal Advanced are now included to offer recurring billing.

Online Filter –

Now you can filter Who’s Online by gender. This is great for users that don’t want to see their same gender in the Online area.

Accessibility Presets –

Users have the ability to turn off being emailed as well as turning off being added as a friend.

Enhanced Email –

Users can now have an enhanced email inbox complete with compose, sent items and deleted items. Users can email directly from a users profile.

Integrated Blogs –

Now your users can blog. This feature lets them write blogs and those blogs will appear on their profile. Admins have full control over the blogs and can remove spam blogs.

Spam Control –

Now you can filter out spammers words in emails that are sent. For example, if a user emails another member and talks about Nigeria, Millions, Bank Account, those words can be filtered out.

Match Alerts –

Users can now receive email Match Alerts. These can be sent Daily, Weekly or Monthly and can even be disabled by the end user.

Private Media –

Now your users can set their profile photos, galleries, audio and videos to private. When set to private, only those users that are in their Favorites list can view their private media

Couples Profiles –

Now users that want to register and create a Couples profile can now do so. By selecting a “Couple” as their profile base, it will dynamically create My Profile and a Partners Profile tabs for viewing split Couples profiles.

Custom Profiles –

In the admin area, you can setup your own profile questions. Setup drop down questions or text box questions. All drop down questions become dynamically available in advanced search.

Manual Profile Approval –

If you want to manually approve all profiles, photos, galleries, audio and video, then you can set it to Manual Approve in the admin area

Blacklisting –

Now you can block and ban unwanted users to your site. When a user is Blacklisted, their IP is recorded and they are banned from creating a profile or using the site.

Premium Member –

Now you can grant Premium Membership to anyone. Simply search for a user and extend their membership for any number of days. You can also cancel someone’s Premium Membership.

Geography Editor –

With the Geography Editor, you can isolate your dating site to a specific location by removing all the other Countries, States, Cities or keep them all. It’s up to you.

Automatic Profile Approval –

If you want to automatically approve all profiles, photos, galleries, audio and video, then you can set it to Auto Approve in the admin area.

Reports This Week –

Now you can see what’s happening with your dating site with the new Happening This Week feature of the Reporting Area.

Register Redirect –

Don’t want to use the Dating Plugin built in Register page? Then redirect your users to your own custom registration page.

Demographics Report –

Show all the stats of your site like total users, total women and total men.

Reports for Memberships –

Now you can see the breakdown of membership payments. You can see who paid, how they paid and what membership they purchased.

Custom Terms Page –

Now you can setup your own Terms page URL when people register. The registration forces them to checkbox the Terms page.

Membership Expiration Notification –

Now when your site is in Paid mode and a user’s membership is about to expire, a new email will be sent to them letting them know.

Force Profile Creation –

Now when users register on your dating site, you can force them to create a profile before they can do anything on the site. This ensures that you get a good profile base.

Media Management –

Via the Admin Area, you can set all media including photos, galleries, audio, video to manual approval or auto approval.

Mass Emails –

Send Mass Emails to all your members from the Admin Area via the Newsletter Plugin. This is an optional free plugin.

Requirements – Even though the dating plugin will run on a shared server environment, we recommend that you use a VPS or Dedicated Server. If you have a shared hosting plan then you can always upgrade it once you start getting more traffic.