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The Secret Behind Creating An Online Dating Website on WordPress...


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your support timing?
Our support is available from Monday to Friday – 10 AM to 6 PM ( GMT + 5:45 )

How can I login or register to dating solutions?
You can go to the Members Menu -> Members Area. From there you can login to our members area or register for a new account.

Can I use you plugin for multiple websites?
According to the policy of our company, one license can be used for one web site only. To use in multiple sites you need a Multi-Site License. The sites should be under your ownership.

Where can I get the license key for my copy of plugin?
When you purchase the plugin or request for the new version from our updates page, you will be sent an email with the download link along with the license key for the plugin in the same email. If you do not find the email in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder as well.

What are your terms of service?
You can find our terms of service in this link.

I am ready to purchase, what payment options do you offer?
We accept Paypal, Visa, Maestro, ideal (with target as our payment options

What is your refund policy?
For our customers of WPDating Plugin packages who purchase the plugin through our affiliate programs, we have offered a 30 days money back guarantee without any questions asked. The refund request will be processed after receiving a non-disclosure and aggrement of no further use of the package contains in any way. It is very important that you go through the features and the demo to make sure that this software is what you are looking for. The demo is exactly the same software you are purchasing. There are no differences. There are no exceptions to this refund policy. All sales are final.

What if I find a bug in the plugin?
If there is a system bug we will fix that and release as a new version. You should report it to our support team by sending a detailed description of the site issue to , or by posting it at the customer support forum and we will provide you with a quick solution.
However, not every error or feature malfunction appears to be a system bug. Sometimes that appears to be due to incorrect admin panel settings.

Now, what to do if you have looked through the Admin Panel manual, browsed the forum, checked the Admin Panel settings and confirmed that the error you faced is really a system bug.

What browsers does Dating Plugin support?
The browsers supported by Dating plugins are: IE 8 and above, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Does the Dating Plugin include RTL support and WPML compatibility? 
Currently, the plugin does not support RTL. We are planing to add WPML compatibility on the versions after 5.1.

What is the difference between WordPress Dating Plugin Standard Package, Combo package and Complete package?
The Standard Package comes with Dating plugin, 137 premium themes, Free Upgrades and Free Support. The Combo package includes 50000 profiles in addition to the features of Standard Package. And the Complete Package includes access to iPhone and Android Mobile dating apps.

Which package do I purchase if I want the WP Dating Theme and the Dating Plugin? 
Among our plugin packages, our latest additions are the WordPress Dating Plugin Standard Value Add Pack and the Platinum Package. If you want the plugin and WP Dating Theme only, you can purchase the Standard Value Add Pack or if you purchase the Platinum Package, you will get the WP Dating Theme with the WordPress Dating Plugin Complete Package.

How do I download the plugin and premium themes?
If you have purchased the dating plugin, you can go to the Member -> Member Area. From there you can Download plugin, premium themes and have access to support forum.

I cannot access the support forum?
You need to purchase the plugin to view and post your queries to the forum. If you already purchased and still you cannot access the support forum, please send us a mail at

What is the difference between WordPress Dating Plugin and WP Dating Theme?

Plugin basically provides works on and provides the functional aspect and the themes are mostly for the appearance enhancement. But in some cases, the plugin also provides for the looks of your site, like the way you use template1 or template2 in WordPress Dating Plugin. At times, themes may also add to the functionality of the plugin.
The WP Dating Theme enhances the functionality of the plugin along with improving the looks of the website.That means WP Dating theme requires WP Dating plugin to work.  Please compare these two sites that are using the WordPress Dating Plugin: -> It is using WordPress Dating Plugin with D’zonia Theme (normal theme) -> It is using WordPress Dating Plugin with WP Dating Theme (Theme specifically developed to be used with and enhance the features of the plugin.)

Is Plugin Installation, Setup and Testing provided by Dating Solutions?

If you have purchased or are thinking about purchasing Dating Plugin Packages and you want us to install, do the initial setup and testing of the plugin on your site then you are on the right place.

Most people won’t need this as every plugin we sell comes with plenty of documentation but sometimes people just want us to install it for them. If this sounds like you then here is what we offer:

Plugin Installation
We will upload and install the plugin on your server when you provide us with the access details. For this we have provided the Installation Service Add-on.

What are 50000 Dating Profiles and Profiles Installation Service?
We have provided the 50000 dating profiles that were collected from real users through Get-to-Paid program. These are the profile information from real users but they may or may not be active in your site.

Objective of using these profiles to pre-fill your site is to attract new members to your dating site as your site looks busy. The Profiles installation service includes the setup of these profiles in your site.

Can I get only 5000 profiles, I do not want all of the 50000 profiles?
As the profiles are a single bundle, we will not be able to break them down and provide you only a few profiles or profiles specific to gender,  location, or such. However, after the purchase of the 50000 profiles, if you want, you can manually delete the unwanted profiles from the plugin admin section.

I have purchased the Installation Service, why are the profiles not installed in my site?
With the Installation Service add-0n, we provide the installation of the plugin in your site to make it like our demo site We do not install the 50000 profiles in your site with this add-on. If you have purchased the dating plugin and the WP Dating Theme, we will install the plugin with the WP Dating Theme if you purchase the Installation service.

I have purchased the WP Dating Theme only, can you install it if I purchase the Installation Service?
As the WP Dating Theme is specifically developed to be installed with the dating plugin, we cannot install this theme only in your site. If you want us to install the WP Dating Theme, you need to have purchased the Dating Plugin and the Installation Service.

Plugin Configuration
We can do the basic configuration and setup of the plugin.

* Please note that this does not include any 3rd party integration.

Plugin Testing
Perform some basic testing to make sure the plugin is working fine on your server (eg. do a test transaction if installing the WP eStore plugin).

For More information regarding plugin installation, please visit here.

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