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The Secret Behind Creating An Online Dating Website on WordPress...
The Most Powerful WordPress Online Dating Plugin Ever Made!
Discover How to Easily Create an Amazing Online Dating Website and
Cash-in on this $3 Billion-Dollar Industry Today...
Finally, Create and Launch a Website with Ease using this Elite Dating Software that is Overflowing with Features to Support You and Your Business!
Why Choose WPDating?
Provides a complete turn-key solution to easily create a dating website.
Access to 50,000 dating profiles to get you started right away.
iPhone and Android add-on to create your own mobile dating app.
Available in multiple languages.
Fully customize-able to any online dating niche.
FREE lifetime upgrades!
Build your success by using the only WordPress plugin capable of creating dating websites...
Easy from the Beginning

You don’t have to be a computer programmer. The package is easy and fast to install with amazing support to get you started right away.
Customize to Your Taste

With more plugins, themes, and features than ever, plus mobile apps, you can create a phenomenal dating site that you have full control over.
Bonus Templates

Take advantage of 7 dating templates that can be used with any WordPress theme!
What do Internet Marketers Want more Than Anything? Software that is Simple and Affordable.
7 Dating Templates - Use any one of these templates with your WordPress Theme.
Custom Memberships - Create Custom Memberships to allow access to certain features.
Premium Member - Grant Premium Membership to earn more.
Mass Emails - Send Mass Emails to all your members from the Admin Area via the Newsletter Plugin.
Affiliate Program - Affiliates can promote your dating site
And So Much More...
Check Out Some Amazing Features of WPDating

Matching Tools

Based on the Profile Questions, your users can get a list of profiles that match what they might be looking for. By default the Matches will show the opposite sex of their profile setup...
Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 16.12.44

User Privacy

Your users can now set their own Privacy Options to allow for Everyone or Friends Only. These are set for viewing profiles, photos, galleries, audio and video.
Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 16.12.59

Near Me

This is a new feature we put into version 4.8. It uses Google geo-targeting and the users IP address. It will show users profiles of members that are near them geographically...
Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 16.13.22

Accessibility Presets

Users have the ability to turn off being emailed as well as turning off being added as a friend...
Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 16.13.51

Meet Me

This is a type of feature. Users can click on profile photos and answer Yes or No as to if they want to meet that user...
Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 16.15.03

Interest Cloud

Your users can click on the Interest Cloud to find an Interest and see what profiles contain those Interests. You can also filter the Interest Cloud by gender.
Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 16.15.46

Virtual Gifts

Your users now can send other members Virtual Gifts. Once a Virtual Gift has been sent then the receiving member can approve it or reject it..
Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 16.17.33

Viewed Me/I Viewed

Your users don’t have to worry about finding those profiles they have viewed. Simply click on “I Viewed” to get a list of all the profiles you have looked at. You can also see who’s viewing your profile. This is great to see who’s been checking you out...
Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 16.17.53

Date Tracker

Your users can track the dates they’ve been on with other members. By viewing a profile simply click on the icon called Date Tracker and that profile will be added to the Date Tracker...
Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 16.18.08

Skype Chat Integration

Your users can now Skype back and forth with each other via their profile view. Users can set it to be shown to everyone or just those in their Friends list....
Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 16.19.14
Many internet marketers, like yourself, desire to build successful online businesses easily and quickly. But time and time again, you may be drastically slowed down because of programming or coding…and the problem is, you’re probably not a computer programmer!

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You can do that and more with WPDating plugins. Here are even more features you’ll receive:
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You can do that and more with WPDating plugins. Here are even more features you’ll receive:
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Instantly install the plugin package. You can be operating in a very short time with our powerful plugins that were created to show results.

Create great looking dating website with ease. With one click, you can enjoy our top WordPress themes, tons of add-ons, and expand capabilities.

Customize your dating site and apps. You have the option to put your own personal touch on your dating site, mobile dating site, and mobile apps. You can look and market like the professionals.

Gain access to over 50,000 dating profiles. Nothing says success better (insert picture)
than having loads of profiles on your site. The more profiles, the better chances
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Your success depends on it. Stop wasting time trying to program, learning coding, and other time wasters. With WPDating:
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Focus on building your business. Building your success!
Create Your Online Dating
Website Right - the 1st Time
WPDating is the optimum way to join the evergreen and growing online dating industry. Did you know that this industry still grows 10-15% each year? That's exponential compared to other "money-making" markets today.

You can use WPDating plugin and have full control over your dating website, your business, and your path to success.

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Are you beginning to see how it will be easier to set up your website than ever before? Stop struggling now! No more frustrating days and precious time attempting to program or code. Use your time to focus on your business as your new dating site will be up and running shortly! Hassle free!

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This is a simple decision for a wise investment and we want to make sure you'll love it so we're giving a full 30 days, risk-free, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

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Let me recap what you're going to get:
  • WPDating Plugin
  • Access to 137 Premium Themes
  • Exclusive WPDating Theme ($45)
  • Eight Language Pack ($15)
  • eBook: How to Effectively Monetize Your Dating Website to Maximize Profit($25)
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Finally, you'll gain more time for your business and less time on the technicalities. Forget programming. Forget coding. And stop wasting precious time being stressed out while battling these issues.

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