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Now before we go any further about WPDating Mobile App, please give me less than a minute and allow me to provide you with an idea on how huge mobile dating market is and the vast opportunities it presents.

The proliferation of smartphones with location-based GPS systems has vastly expanded the opportunities for online dating by facilitating timely and actionable dating opportunities by closeness of proximity to the user.

So what do these mean to you? Well, mobile dating is on the rise and this is the best time for you to be there. Mobile dating is the future of online dating. Hence, having a mobile dating app is a no-brainer!

So, we developed the ultimate mobile dating app... the WPDating Mobile App.

The WPDating Mobile App contains all the features that the desktop version of the WPDating Plugin but bundled nicely into a mobile app for any Android device, and PWA for iOS devices. It connects individuals with new people nearby or all over the world! The app is very simple to use and you can give it for download on Google Play to reach millions of subscribers. For PWA, it does not even need to be downloaded from the app store. Users can simply install it from the browser.

With its Matching Tool, your users can get a list of profiles that match what they might be looking for. It will also show user profiles of members that are near them geographically. And if they find someone they are interested with, your users can actually ask if they want to meet that user right on their mobile device.

Not only that... Your subscribers can also chat with new friends, give gifts, share photos, and more! The best part is... they can do that anytime, anywhere on their mobile device.

Just imagine how WPDating Mobile App can help you tap on the huge mobile dating market and enhance the already amazing online dating website you created with WPDating Plugin.

Here's a quick look inside the mobile app:
You have to understand that it took my team about 600 hours and cost us more than $20,000 to develop WPDating Mobile App. And if you are thinking of developing your own mobile dating app, it would cost and take about the same. But with WPDating Mobile App it will literally just take less than an hour to set up and you can reach people from their mobile devices right away. Whatu's best is that it would not cost you a fortune. It will only cost you $399 if you buy WPDating Mobile App today.
I think you get the idea... and I think you agree that WPDating Mobile App gives you an unfair advantage. Since it's a turnkey solution for your mobile dating services, you don't need to spend a fortune developing your own mobile app and you don't need to waste a lot of time setting it up and launching it on the market.
Here's What I Want to Do for You. I want to give you the exact same unfair advantage for only $399.

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WPDating Mobile App

Frequently asked questions

How can I login or register to WPDating?

You can go to the Members Menu -> Members Area. From there you can login to our members area or register for a new account.

What if I find a bug in the plugin?

If there is a system bug we will fix that and release as a new version. You should report it to our support team by sending a detailed description of the site issue to , or by posting it at the customer support forum and we will provide you with a quick solution.
However, not every error or feature malfunction appears to be a system bug. Sometimes that appears to be due to incorrect admin panel settings.

We recommend you to look through the Admin Panel manual, and browse the documentation and tutorials, before concluding that the error you faced is really a system bug.

What browsers does Dating Plugin support?

The browsers supported by Dating plugins are: IE 8 and above, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Plugin Installation

We will upload and install the plugin on your server when you provide us with the access details. For this we have provided the Installation Service Add-on.

What are your terms of service?

You can find our terms of service in this link.

What is your refund policy?

Since our products are intangible in nature, all sales are final and we do not issue refund under any circumstances. It is very important that you go through the features and demo to make sure that this product is what you are looking for. The demo and the product you are buying is same.

Where can I get the license key for my copy of plugin?

When you purchase the plugin or request for the new version from our updates page, you will be sent an email with the download link along with the license key for the plugin in the same email. If you do not find the email in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder as well.

Can I use you plugin for multiple websites?

According to the policy of our company, one license can be used for one web site only. To use in multiple sites you need a Multi-Site License. The sites should be under your ownership.

Does the Dating Plugin include RTL support and WPML compatibility?

Currently, the plugin does not support RTL, and is not WPML compatible.
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